Digger, hier ist Ende Gelände!

Solidarität mit den Klimaprotesten in Paris praktisch machen
Ende Gelände!

Im Folgenden dokumentieren wir eine Solidaritätserklärung, die wir zusammen mit Ende Gelände verfasst haben, um uns mit den Klima-Aktivist*innen in Paris solidarisch zu erklären, die zur Zeit gegen den fragwürdigen Klimagipfel und den französischen Ausnahmezustand protestieren.

Wir sind der Meinung: Klimaschutz ist Handarbeit. Er wird nicht am Verhandlungstisch entschieden, sondern er wird dort gemacht, wo die Verursacher sitzen. Deshalb haben wir gemeinsam mit anderen Klima-Aktivist*innen in den letzten Tagen Kohlebagger und -kraftwerke im Rheinland, in der Lausitz und in der Nähe von Leipzig blockiert. Das ist unsere Antwort auf Paris. Im nächsten Jahr werden wir an Pfingsten wiederkommen. Dann heißt es: Ende Gelände für Vattenfalls Kohleindustrie in der Lausitz.

Solidarität mit unseren Freunden in Paris

We have followed the consequences of the state of emergency in France with great concern: the house arrests, the ban of public assemblies and the repression of a critical opposition to the UN climate summit. The authorities are cutting down the rights of the people in the same moment as they are going to war, pretending to fight for democracy.

The repression of the climate movement is supposed to intimidate and to scare us. So now it is all the more important not to be scared. We express our solidarity to all the people in Paris who continue to show their protest in public, despite all the obstacles, and who make their voices heard – against the „False Solutions“ of the green-washed corporations, against an economic system that is based on the perpetual exploitation of natural resources and lobby-less communities. And who continue to stand up for climate justice.
We still think that the real climate negotiations do not take place at the COP but at coal-fired power plants, airports and other dirty industries in front of our door steps; and we decided to focus our energy into a struggle in which we can determine time and place. Right now, most of us are in a middle of preparing the next disobedient action in the Lusatia coal field from May 11 – 16.

But our hearts and minds are with you and we join the fight. That's why - as a contribution for the Climate Games – we and our friends now blocked the entrance of a coal power plant in Rhineland this weekend, as well as diggers in the lignite mines near Leipzig, and near Berlin.
However, monoculture is not resilient. That's true for agriculture but also for resistance. Paris is a stage that shows the diversity of the global movement, and a place where people can grow strong together. So some groups of us are and will be in Paris in these days.

We respect the massive work of the last years that is behind this mobilization, and we respect your courage.
We are one movement.
And it's growing.